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high strung action and violence



“I never realized what a big deal that was. How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.”

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I follow a bunch of girls on here and I love it.


im rly not that cute 


im rly not that cute 


a bed made completely out of live snakes




everyone is too busy looking at old dusty european paintings to see all the real art around them, like a stick falling from a tree or a squirrel and a rabbit fighting by the sewer drain

This is very meaningful, actually…

why you say actually?  everything you say is meaningful if you have a lot of followers

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Tiny kitten demonstrates expert throat-slitting technique. Nature is amazing.


Tiny kitten demonstrates expert throat-slitting technique. Nature is amazing.

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Cats do not like fruits

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Anonymous asked: will u tell me a story


"You can’t just ride a bear," she said.  "It’s not built for transportation."

I looked at her cowardly face.  “That’s loser talk,” I said.

She was a bit offended but I didn’t care.  I was going to ride that grizzly bear and I was going to do it today.

"Give me the lasso out of the bag," I ordered.

"No… please, don’t do this."

"That’s loser talk," I said as I ripped the backpack out of her hands. 

The rope was thick and the lasso was heavy, but I had spent every waking hour of my life preparing for this day.  A heavy rope wasn’t going to stop me.

"What if it bites you?" she protested. 

But I wouldn’t listen.  This was my destiny; this was my fate.  I slowly approached the grizzly, rope in hand, my fingers ready to strike. 

I knew it could sense I was coming.  It turned, sniffed the air, and rose up on its hind legs.  He was towering, about a foot taller than me, and had thick brown fur shielding him from the cold.  I only had my $240 North Face jacket.

"Let’s go.  You and me.  It’s game time, you dumb bear," I taunted. 

He slowly turned to face me.  Our eyes met, and he had a twinkle in his eye that looked like a diamond.  It was kind of cute for a bear. 

I readied my lasso.  The time was right.  The wind was settled and the air was clear.  It was now or never. 

But I couldn’t do it.  It was something about the way he tilted his head and stared at me—a sort of innocence and fragility that I had scarcely seen before.  I just couldn’t bring myself to tame such a wild beast.

"I can’t do it…. I can’t fight you, bear," I shouted in tears.

"That’s loser talk," said the bear.